Our Vision

To be the leading Family School for boys, being driven by dedicated workers in close partnership with committed parents, to nurture future leaders of impeccable personal integrity, professional excellence and enduring virtues.

Our Mission

To develop boys, following Christian principles, into knowledgeable, responsible and happy men, who love and defend truth, freedom and fatherland. Through an approach that:

  • Offers all-round formation
  • Respects the dignity of the human person
  • Rtrengthens the role of the family
  • Raises the dignity of the education worker

Our Blog

Take a look at our various articles on family life and children education

  • OUT OF THE CAVE: leading our children away from celebrity culture

    We are surrounded by images and messages that do not tell the truth about the good life.

    This week, Forbes released its annual top celebrities list, The Celebrity 100. Quite simply, the list measures, as Forbes shamelessly puts it, "money and fame". 

  • Good Manners

    Polite manners provide something essential for living in society, teaching us to be human and civil with others. Courtesy and politeness are "little sisters" of other and greater virtues

    If we consider how manners have developed over time, or how they vary from one country to another, we might conclude that they are purely conventional and can therefore be changed or even transgressed at will.

  • Educating in Modesty

    Modesty defends the intimacy of a man or a woman, their most precious core, so as to be able to reveal it in the appropriate measure and in the right moment.

    What is modesty? At first sight, it seems to be a feeling of shame that prevents us from revealing our intimacy to others. For many, it is simply a spontaneous defense against indecency, and not a few people today confuse it with prudery.


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